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          Part IV

          81. Instant message is so convenient that everyone uses it now.

          82. We should have the positive attitude towards life.

          83. There is no doubt that she is the one of the best students in our class.

          84. The future of the team depends on his decisions.

          85. We must observe the market changes carefully.

          86. 如果你給他施加影響,他可能會改變主意。

          87. 雖然她是新人,但是她憑借自己的勤奮和智慧于三個月后得到晉升。

          88. 當你選工作時,應該弄清楚你喜歡做什么而不只是申請工作。

          89. 他代表公司所有員工講話。

          90. 你鍛煉的越多,你感冒的幾率越小。

          Part V

          91. C-to pay 92. B-what     93. A-lay

          94. C-as long as 95. C- go                         96. C-must

          97. A-attempted reasoning                    98. D-leave out  

          99. D-high             100. B-have been set up

          Part VI 

          Lifelong learning means “studying all your life”. When you finish high school or university, is learning over? The answer is “NO”.

          Why do we require lifelong learning? First, lifelong learning is a process where we can know better about nature, society and humans, which contributes to the harmony of the world. Second, living in the modern society, we are surrounded by plenty of information and changes. In order to make us better adapt to such situation, we should equip ourselves by learning something new every day. Last but not the least, lifelong learning makes us develop the habit of learning and form our own learning methods, which may help us overcome the difficulties in the future work and life.

          I think lifelong learning is essential to everyone, so we should make use of various ways to continue learning. In my opinion, the best way of lifelong learning is reading. In the following time of my life, I will try my best to develop the habit of reading and insist on it.

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