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Pronunciation Patterns helps you build self-awareness and confidence to help you perfect your English pronunciation in one year
(The following screens are captured from the Network edition and some of the functions are not in the Professional 3.0 and Professional 4.0 editions. To see all three different versions, please download the demos!)

Steps to Help You Improve Your Pronunciation and Reduce Your Accent
1. Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet and the many sounds each letter has.

1. Every English learner has to learn that English words cannot always be read as written.

Pronunciation Patterns shows you how many sounds each English letter can have so that you can remember the correct pronunciation with ease.


Pronunciation Patterns has step-by-step instructions to help you through the program.


2. Learn International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) or American Phonetic Alphabet (APA) for 44 sounds.
3. Learn how to pronounce each English sound correctly.
4. Learn phonics and patterns to help remember the correct pronunciation.
5. Create your own practice word list and upload to your mp3 player to practice pronunciation anywhere.
6. Pronunciation Patterns works with Windows Vista Speech Recognition to improve your pronunciation.
7. Learn the Pronunciation Patterns way to improve your listening comprehension.
8. Master the pronunciation of long and difficult words in your own list.
9. Follow and read passages out loud to improve your fluency and add new words to your learning list.
10. Type in your own sentences and follow the text-2-speech to read them out loud.
11. For Windows Vista users, you can dictate your speech in the Network edition.
12. Learn how to customize Pronunciation Patterns to your needs.

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To Teachers

Are you a teacher interested in teaching English online or looking for English software for your school lab, click here to learn how you can use the latest Pronunciation Patterns network edition to teach English over the internet and intranet.