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How to Teach Phonics with Pronunciation Patterns?
Download Pronunciation Patterns to Teach Your Children Phonics Now.
1. Set the word difficulty by setting the max word length.
2. Teach the single consonant sounds.
3. Use online phonics song to make it fun.
4. Teach the blending sounds.
5. Teach the digraphs sh, ch, th, ng, zh, dh.
6. Teach the short vowels.
7. Teach the long vowels.
8. Call attention the last E changes the sound.
9. Call attention to the vowel digraphs in the same way: ea, ai, oa, ay.
10. Teach the diphthongs oi/oy and ou/ow .
11. Teach the 12 phonics rules.
12. Teach the effect of "r" upon vowels.

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