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"I was looking for a program to help me correct my pronunciation and found what i now consider to be the most remarkable accent reduction program.The program exceeded my expectations. It has an incredible array of features that will impress even the most hardened critic. Pronunciation patterns has an extraordinary assembly of all the tools you need to improve pronunciation and more; it has precise description of mouth mechanics required to produce each sound supplemented by video mouth clips,in addition to load of words to interactively practice with and links to interactive websites all geared to help improve pronunciation,fluency,and vocabulary. And customer service was excellent and prompt. This program is bound to become the gold standard against which others are compared. Thanks Xcers corp. for a remarkable program." --- Cyril Anyadike from California and More Reviews

Windows Based American English Pronunciation Software

Is Your English Pronunciation Holding You Back?

I know how important good English pronunciation has been to my success. Without it, I would not have been admitted to the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top MBA programs in the US by Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and Financial Time. You can learn more about how improving my English pronunciation has made a difference in my life on my About Us page.

Some of my clients are graduate students from top US schools such as Stanford University, Chicago University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, and know how important a good pronunciation to their success. One of my customers, Wen Qu Ph. D. Of University of Tennessee, learned how important good English pronunciation is to him. He said that his boss ties his salary to his pronunciation in his reviews on Pronunciation Patterns. It is true that whether you can earn more money or not, it all depends your communication skills. You can learn more about what business schools think of communication ability.

I am sure that you already agreed with me that good English pronunciation is important because it is the foundation of the good communication. You may have tried and failed to achieve excellent pronunciation with other methods. Unlike other software, Pronunciation Patterns is the only English pronunciation program based on the phonic principles using to teach American children to read. I detail how Pronunciation Patterns Professional Edition 3.0 provides a systematic way to improve your English pronunciation and reduce your accent, and increase your vocabulary and better your spellings on my Methodology page and answer questions regarding English pronunciation, accent reduction, and my personal experiences on my FAQ page. 

I can promise you that you will see the improvements on your English pronunciation after just a week of using the demo because many of my customers said to me in their emails and I asked them to post their reviews on Amazon.comto support Pronunciation Patterns.

Now you can try Pronunciation Patterns for free before you purchase Pronunciation Patterns. Please don't delay to invest in yourself and your career. My customers, Sunny Baek, Nicky Ma, Wen Qu, and Guo Ping Yang told me that they all had doubt in Pronunciation Patterns because they were disappointed with other pronunciation solutions they had used before. Now they all endorse Pronunciation Patterns as the pronunciation and accent reduction solution.

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IT'S VERY DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE THIS MAGICAL PROGRAM AND THE UNIQUE IDEA OF DESIGN BEHIND IT. First of all, it offers everything you need to improve your pronunciation with thousands of useful words and examples. The time to see results will be shortened greatly when you use this program (I have used it for 2 weeks, and without exaggeration, I have corrected the pronunciation of 200 words I usually use in my daily activities). There are many great features, but my favorite is that you`ll be able to browse the internet and find the sound and meaning for tens of thousands of words that you can download to your program and add them to your hoard of words- I love it. Besides all the benefits and qualities found in this program, and the ease to use it, it's your devotion and dedication that will make this educational tool more enjoyable. Go for it and enjoy it. By the way, they offer a superb and reliable support. -- Ayman (Knowledge is Happiness) from Brooklyn, New York and More Reviews

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